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Yes - depending on the brand, model and condition. Please bring your watch with the complete box and papers set down to our boutique so we can make an assessment.

We primarily focus on Richard Mille, Patek Philippe and Rolex sports models as reflected in our inventory. If you have a watch that we would not buy, you may consider consignment.

We do not quote buy price, if you wish to sell, please propose your price and we can discuss from there.


Please provide us with a take-back price that you have in mind and we will do a mark-up from your price. You do not have to worry about a percentage cut.

You should provide the full set as received with the watch – box, papers, manuals, warranty card etc.

We often have clients walk-in without an appointment asking to view watches that they have seen on our website or on our social media postings and they will expect to see the watch in our shop and may be ready to buy immediately. Hence, not having the actual item for customers immediately may impede the sale.

If you choose to sell your watch through us, you must not be promoting your watch on other platforms at a lower price as this will result in a conflict of interest.

We recommend leaving your watch with us for at least 2 months as we work on marketing it for you.

We will promote your watch on our social media platforms as well as on our website and on Chrono24 marketplace. We have an international following, so your watch will be visible on international platforms.

No, there are no extra charges, just a straightforward mark-up from your asking price.

We can either return the consignee cash or perform a bank transfer.

Yes, you may, but we recommend leaving the watch with us for at least 2 months before doing so.


  • All timepieces and jewellery sold on this website are verified authentic and in working condition. We do not sell replica watches.
  • Watches listed all include the original box, instruction booklet and warranty paperwork/card (unless otherwise stated).
  • C95 Holdings Pte Ltd is not an authorized dealer of any of the watch brands sold in our boutique. We obtain our watches from reputable sources dealing directly with authorized dealers and distributors worldwide.
  • Watches we have listed as "pre-owned" have also been verified authentic and are in good working condition and will come with the original box or warranty paperwork unless otherwise stated.



  • Watches stated as unworn / new will be sold under manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Watches sold as pre-owned may still be under manufacturer’s warranty and the year of delivery will be stated along with each post.
  • We will provide 3 months warranty for watches sold that are no longer under manufacturer’s warranty.
  • This warranty covers the mechanical functions of your automatic watch including (but not limited to) running fast/slow or inexplicably stop functioning.
  • This warranty applies only to watches purchased from the C95 Holdings Pte Ltd. The servicing / maintenance offered is comparable to any manufacturer’s warranty apart from where the service will be performed.
  • We employ expert watchmakers qualified to work on all major brands and will perform the services locally.
  • Factory authorized replacement parts are used whenever applicable. Evidence of abuse above the factory specified tolerances will void this warranty.
  • This warranty excludes any water damage due to loose and/or open crown and damage to the crystal due to regular or rough wear.
  • Replacement of quartz watch batteries is not covered under this warranty.


  • Watches stated as unworn / new will be sold under manufacturer’s warranty
  • Watches sold as pre-owned may still be under manufacturer’s warranty and the year of delivery will be stated along with each listing.
  • We encourage local/regional buyers to make purchase at our boutique directly so buyers can check the condition of the watches personally.
  • Overseas buyers will be required to make payment in full before the watch is prepared for delivery (courier/insurance charges apply).
  • We can arrange hand delivery for high value watches at a fee.

Payment options

We accept the following payment methods.

Credit Cards | Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, UnionPay

Cash | Only SGD and USD is accepted in our boutique. We strictly do not accept cash payment overseas.  

Bank Transfer |

Bank Name: United Overseas Bank
Bank Address: 80 Raffles Place, 1 UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624
Payee: C95 Holdings Pte Ltd
USD A/C no: 357-908-4810
SGD A/C no: 357-306-9542
Swift Code: UOVBSGSG
Bank Code: -


We use FedEx for our deliveries overseas. If you have a preferred delivery provider, please provide us with the details. 

We will be able to ship to most parts Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia. If you wish to ship to a country that is not listed please contact us directly.

We recommend including insurance for shipment. Please speak with us directly for more information.