How To Determine If The Luxury Watch Is Worth Investing In

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How To Determine If The Luxury Watch Is Worth Investing In

How To Determine If The Luxury Watch Is Worth Investing In
How To Determine If The Luxury Watch Is Worth Investing In
23 Jul 2020

Watches offer so much more than just timekeeping. They bring out one’s personality, provide a way to express themselves and are a symbol of power and wealth. People buy watches for a variety of reasons, from a functional way to tell time to an appreciation of the handmade mechanical movements behind the watch.

However, not all luxury watches appreciate in value over time and a few factors make one timepiece a better investment than the other. In today’s article, we discuss the most important things you should keep in mind before investing in a luxury watch.

Brand Recognition

A number of high-end watchmakers have established their mark in the industry with a storied heritage and years upon years of consistent craftsmanship producing high-quality products. This makes their timepieces highly sought after, meaning their watches retain value at a high price even if they have already been previously owned.

Brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe are highly valued for their in-house watch movements and elaborate components precisely assembled using Swiss watchmaking skills.


Not all luxury watches are built for the same purpose, and this can also affect its value. Military watches, sports watches, pilot watches, diver’s watches, and dress watches all differ in components and complications that require different watchmaking skills and processes.

Features such as multiple time zones, perpetual calendars, metal straps, and studded bezels may also increase the value of a watch over time if kept in good condition.


Luxury watches take a great amount of effort and time to make and are designed with precision components, so most models cannot be produced in bulk even if they are in high demand. Timepieces that are highly demanded yet arduously built are the most valuable in the world of horology.

The classic Rolex Daytona and the Patek Philippe Nautilus are some of the most renowned luxury watches for their build and design and two of the most demanded timepieces by watch collectors to date.


Some watchmakers produce limited edition watches or a special edition of their previous models, and buyers are often willing to pay a higher amount for these pieces that only them or a few others can own. Classics that are no longer produced but are still in circulation are also preferred by avid watch collectors

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Double Balance Wheel Openwork and the Richard Mille Tourbillon Watches are some examples of rare pieces that are worth more today than they were first released.

Buying a luxury watch for yourself is fulfilling, but knowing that you’ve snagged a worthy investment piece is a lot more rewarding.

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