Why Buy Pre-Owned Watches?

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Why Buy Pre-Owned Watches?

Why Buy Pre-Owned Watches?
Why Buy Pre-Owned Watches?
10 May 2020

Pre-owned watches are a great way to get your hands on amazing pieces that you may have missed on. But first let’s define what pre-owned watches mean, and its difference from vintage. Some sellers may conflate pre-owned with vintage, but certainly not all pre-owned watches are considered vintage. For one, vintage supposes that a watch’s make and model are at least 20 years old and all of its parts have to be original from the time it was released from the factory for it to hold its value. On the other hand, there are amazing pieces that have been released within the last two decades that are worthy finds that can enrich any collection also.

Buying Pre-owned or Vintage can also mean receiving a piece without its box, documentation, or set accessories, and the piece itself may bear signs of wear and tear. Sometimes, if the watch is not well-preserved it will also require service or repair. Getting a pre-owned watch should come with the factory packaging, authentications and should look and perform well. If you get your pre-owned watches from reputable vendors, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of after-sales care.

Buying Second-Hand

To some, it may feel strange to buy watches second-hand. However, there are clear benefits to doing so, and both serious watch collectors and newbies can find advantages in opting for pre-owned pieces. These reasons are dependant on watch brands are in discussion. In this article we will focus on Rolex, Patek Philippe and Richard Mille.

First is the factor of price. The biggest consideration when buying pre-owned watches is the fact that it is more affordable than purchasing from the official store. You also circumvent the depreciation of a watch’s value: buying second-hand means that you’re purchasing at the depreciated value of the watch and you can sell it off at the rate you bought it with, as opposed to buying new and having to sell it at a pre-owned price. This is especially beneficial for people who collect watches for their trade value and wearability; you can score a never-been-worn watch at a friendlier price without compromising on its worth.

For newbies, starting a collection with pre-owned watches means that it’s easier to afford without sacrificing on style. This helps those who feel that watch collecting is financially intimidating: getting your first purchase on the cheap can feel very rewarding, a gateway to becoming more adventurous later on once they taste the high that comes with owning a valuable piece.

The high from scoring a beautiful piece at pre-owned prices does not elude veteran collectors either. With a cadre of collecting experience in their portfolio, seasoned watch collectors opt for pre-owned watches for many reasons: to fulfil their dream of owning a model they did not acquire when it first released, or to re-discover old favourites they may have traded or sold off, or to complete their collection even when the model is no longer manufactured by the brand. Scouring pre-owned pieces can lead to amazing finds and limited editions that can sometimes be more rewarding than wearing the latest and trendiest.

Aside from these considerations, it also helps that buying pre-owned pieces is overall more eco-friendly. In the age where one must do what they can to help the world eliminate waste, opting for second-hand watches plays a part in making our horological hobby more sustainable when we don’t let otherwise valuable pieces add to landfills.

Shopping for pre-owned pieces can also leave you spoilt for choice in terms of brand and make. For the good stuff, check out our collection of pre-owned watches at https://chrono95.com/