Top 3 Luxury Watches That Will Increase in Value Over Time

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Top 3 Luxury Watches That Will Increase in Value Over Time

Top 3 Luxury Watches That Will Increase in Value Over Time
Top 3 Luxury Watches That Will Increase in Value Over Time
21 Apr 2020

When it comes to buying luxury watches, some considerations are more important than others. For it to be worth the purchase, you want to invest in a model that increases in value over time.

This does not automatically mean that you should go for the higher-priced timepieces. Heritage, rarity, availability, demand, function, and brand recognition may all hold a greater impact in a watch’s future value.

Whether you are new or experienced in watch collecting, it may be hard to determine which watches will potentially remain valuable in the years to come. In this article, we present three of the most ideal pieces to invest in as recommended by luxury watch experts.


Rolex Submariner

Luxury watch collectors know that Rolex sports watches are the best investment watches because they always sell higher a few years after they are initially bought. The timeless Rolex Submariner, in particular, is the first and arguably the most famous diver’s watch since the 1950s. Its stainless steel case and 3135 calibre makes it suitable not just as an underwater device and a smart investment, but also as an everyday accessory that pairs well with any outfit.

Invest In Your Own Rolex Submariner:


Patek Philippe Aquanaut

Previously dubbed as the Poor Man’s Nautilus, the Aquanaut has gained attention after Patek Philippe’s metal-strapped sports watch Nautilus became less accessible. With its rounded octagonal bezel, debossed dial and black rubber straps, it gave the classic Patek Philippe sports watch a more contemporary look. The Aquanaut is valued for its exclusivity and impressive features, including its dual time zone mechanism. Despite its less polished accents, the Aquanaut can be worn in formal occasions.

Elevate Your Style With Patek Philippe Aquanaut:


Richard Mille RM 057 Tourbillon Jackie Chan

Lavish, extravagant, memorable, complicated, yet timeless, versatile, and elegant is a trademark that Richard Mille has always established, and they have proven it once again with the RM 057 Tourbillon Dragon and Phoenix - Jackie Chan.

Despite its late appearance in the luxury watch scene, Richard Mille has already created such staple timepiece for the modern age luxury watch collector with a penchant for bold yet prestigious sports watch designs. The RM 057 Tourbillon features a pure black onyx baseplate against a phoenix and a golden dragon engraving with coloured scales that grip the Tourbillon Bridge in one of its five-toed claws.

Along with other Jackie Chan Tourbillon models, the RM 057 Tourbillon is a limited edition piece worldwide and is therefore deemed a rare and valuable collectible projected to appreciate in future time.

Exude class in Richard Mille RM 057 Tourbillon Jackie Chan:


While we collect fine watches out of passion, investing in the most valuable pieces offers a different sense of achievement.

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