A Guide on the Different Types of Watches: Which One Best Suits You?

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A Guide on the Different Types of Watches: Which One Best Suits You?

A Guide on the Different Types of Watches: Which One Best Suits You?
A Guide on the Different Types of Watches: Which One Best Suits You?
20 Mar 2020

Watches are timeless fashion pieces that are essential to our everyday look. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, they effortlessly enhance our sophistication by a hundredfold.

However, choosing a watch that fits your style can be a difficult decision. Like your taste in clothes, your choice of timepiece speaks a lot about your personality. Hence, your ideal timepiece must accord to your lifestyle and convey your desired impression.

In this article, we introduce four types of watches for every kind of person:

Chronograph Watches

At the very basic, chronographs are watches that offer a measuring function for short time intervals. In simpler terms, it can act as a stopwatch that measures tenths of a second besides showing the local time. Some modern chronographs are also equipped with tachymeters which rapidly measure speed and distance.

Chronograph watches are perfect for people in the field of Health and Science. Since chronographs also have some of the coolest builds, it is also commonly worn by people who are into complex mechanics.

We recommend: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 116508 (https://bit.ly/2WsfAcv)

Aviation Watches

Another tool watch on the list, aviation or pilot watches are timekeepers known for their ridged rotating bezels. They were originally created for aircraft flyers who needed large and legible timepieces that they can use for crucial tasks from timing a landing to calculating their fuel consumption.

Aviation watches are designed to be easy-to-read, which explains its oversized crown and dial. They are must-haves for pilots, travellers, blue-collar workers, and adventure sportsmen.

We recommend: Richard Mille RM 39-01 Automatic Winding Flyback Chronograph Aviation (https://bit.ly/36HsSUL)

Dress Watches

Simple yet elegant – these are the apparent giveaways to recognize a dress watch. They are usually slim with a small dial, almost unnoticeable under button-up cuffs. More often than not, dress watches are neatly designed with leather straps.

Some dress watches are embellished with precious stones which pair well with gowns and tux. They are best worn by bosses who often attend client meetings and gentlemen who love candlelight dates with your beloved one.

We recommend: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5724R in Rose Gold (https://bit.ly/2U4iLFJ)

Tourbillon Watches

A treasured horological masterpiece, tourbillon watches are timepieces with a continuously rotating escapement that counters the effects of gravity to the watch’s movement by balancing out positional errors. This type of watch has been around since 1795 and remains as a coveted item among avid watch collectors.

Besides its complex mechanism, tourbillon watches usually feature unique and intricate aesthetics. People who are into flamboyant fashion will surely want to own a piece.

We recommend: Jacob & Co. Astronomia Dragon Tourbillon (https://bit.ly/36fHn1k)

Has this article helped you decide in selecting your ideal watch?

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