The Risks Of Buying Watches Online

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The Risks Of Buying Watches Online

The Risks Of Buying Watches Online
The Risks Of Buying Watches Online
16 Jan 2020

Shopping online is the new norm for convenience, but there are certain items that remain risky to purchase without first seeing and inspecting them for yourself. Buying an expensive watch online is one of those things, especially if you are not aware of the dangers of online shopping. Here are some of the things to heed so you get exactly what you pay for:




When buying online, there is always the risk of buying from a seller with less than noble intentions, and getting scammed on an expensive watch purchase can be a painful lesson to learn. Recently, cheating sellers have been sent to jail for duping buyers off thousands of dollars on fakes of rare sought-after products like sneakers. Unfortunately, that can just as easily happen with watch purchases – especially if the buyer is unaware of the original prices associated with the watch’s make and model.

Some misinformed Carousell sellers who are simply selling the watch for the money and are unaware of watch trends and news can also become unwitting scammers. They may misrepresent watches as “authentic” even if they have replaced parts or are not working well. The buyer then ends up on the losing end as the individual is led to believe that the watch that he/she is buying is worth the price tag despite its less than stellar status.



No After-Sales Service


Another problem with independent sellers is that the service stops as soon as the transaction is completed. There is no guaranteed after-sales service should there be anything wrong with the watch and the independent seller can easily shirk their responsibilities by taking down their respective profiles on selling platforms. It is also rare to find an online seller with the know-how to care for and repair watches, especially the exclusive kind.


Limited Opportunities


Your options for owning the timepiece of your choice is also severely limited when it comes to independent sellers. Many online shops do not have a trade-off option which can help you afford the more expensive pieces. Also, buyback policies are rare in Carousell, which means that you cannot sell the watch back to the store should you decide that you’d rather a different piece instead. Purchasing a watch online is much riskier because you cannot try them on or inspect the actual product up close. Not having a buyback policy can mean that you are stuck with a timepiece you only saw in photos.


In the end, it’s much better to purchase from professional shops specializing in watches. Besides the assurance that you’re buying wholly authentic timepieces, you can also get support in terms of expertise, purchasing options, and after-sales service.


Chrono95 only sells authentic, sought-after timepieces, both brand-new and pre-owned. We also accept trade-ins and selling of pre-loved watches. At Chrono95, you can buy with confidence as we provide after-sales services, including watch servicing and polishing. We also accept custom orders, OCBC card instalments and we ship internationally.


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