Common Mistakes That Watch Collectors Make

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Common Mistakes That Watch Collectors Make

Common Mistakes That Watch Collectors Make
Common Mistakes That Watch Collectors Make
12 Dec 2019

Watch collecting is a niche but immensely satisfying hobby. There is something about the thrill of the chase, the awe of intricately detailed craftsmanship, and the joy of wearing a watch that is both beautiful and functional.

However, it is also a hobby that can easily confuse the uninitiated and dupe even serious watch collectors with inflated prices and misinformed sellers. Here are some things that one should look out for to become a wiser watch collector:


Following The Trends

It’s easy to succumb to peer pressure, especially when the community and the people you follow start promoting a particular watch. However, you must remember who you’re doing the collecting for: yourself.

Trends are temporary and being swept away by the next “in” thing in the watch collecting community can make you lose sight of why you’re collecting in the first place. Also, while there are trendy pieces that have stood the test of time, it’s not a guarantee that a popular timepiece will still be relevant down the line.

How to avoid: For every purchase, ask yourself if this is the kind of watch you really want to own. Educate yourself about the pros and cons of what you’re buying and make sure that the timepiece you’re purchasing is one that makes your soul richer.


Skipping The Research

Part of the fun in watch collecting is learning about the intricacies of a watch’s make and history, so uninformed purchases are not only risky in your investments; they also take away a crucial element to the hobby.

Without proper research, one may over- or under-estimate the value of the watch they plan to purchase. That can lead to rare watches being misrepresented by middlemen who also may not have enough information on the watch and are just interested in selling an expensive piece.

How to avoid: Make sure that you have all the information on the watch that you’re planning to purchase. Do your research and ask pertinent questions from the seller. Also, make a habit of inspecting the watch you want to purchase to guarantee that everything is copacetic. For example, Chrono95 never sell by photos only -- you can confirm the state of the watch by physically inspecting them at our stores.


Going for Fakes

Any serious hobbyist can tell you that fake luxury watches are not worth it. Not only does it not have any investment value at all, it also robs you of the experience of truly owning a model and seeing the exquisite details that fake ones miss. Fake luxury watches also do not stand the test of time and end up being a money pit.

How to avoid: Make sure that you buy your watches only at a reputable source. Chrono95, for example, sells premium and exclusive watches from some of the most sought after brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Jacob & Co. among others. We also sell the hottest sports and complication models, especially of Richard Mille, including the pieces that cannot be found at retail outlets. We can also customise and repair your favourite timepieces to add a personal touch for you to fully enjoy your beloved collection.


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