Richard Mille Raises The Bar For Ladies' Watches

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Richard Mille Raises The Bar For Ladies’ Watches

Richard Mille Raises The Bar For Ladies’ Watches
Richard Mille Raises The Bar For Ladies’ Watches
15 Jul 2021

Richard Mille burst into the watchmaking industry with its bold take on luxury watches, and since its founding in 2001, it has created a new standard for edgy, boundaries-pushing timepieces that combine avant-garde design with precisionist production. Its ladies’ collections, true to the brand’s bold signature, routinely made headlines as they broke the mould on what to expect in an elegant ladies’ timepiece.

Ladies' watches have traditionally been understated and demure, presupposing that elegance is equal to reticence and restraint. Richard Mille, known for its visible movement and unique tonneau shape, challenges this definition with elegant yet bold timepieces, redefining the criteria for a ladies’ luxury wristwatch worthy of six figures.

Purity In Design

Beyond its iconic visuals, Richard Mille pieces made a name for itself for its expert craftsmanship, with each movement piece and assemblage taking hours and hours of handcrafted precision. In its various models of ladies’ watches, that meticulousness is particularly highlighted in melding Richard Mille’s robust timekeeping machinations with traditionally light and fragile materials, like ceramic.


A pre-owned Richard Mille RM-37 Ladies Automatic in Ceramic with Jasper inlay; image from 

Ceramic is stronger than it looks -- it is notoriously scratch-resistant, and its fine-grained texture can hold a beautiful matte finish well, providing a gorgeous backdrop to inlaid gems like Jasper and diamonds. With an automatic movement encased in a barrel shape that straddles the line between oversized and appropriate for ladies, the timepiece is as durable as it is delicate, bold as it is feminine.

Bold and Feminine

Confidence is a big appeal of Richard Mille when it comes to women’s watches, and for women looking to make a statement, Richard Mille has all the right words.


Richard Mille RM-007 Ladies Automatic in White Gold with Diamonds and Onyx; image from

With pieces that are just as attention-grabbing as their male counterparts, Richard Mille’s ladies’ watches are ultrafeminine without apology. And yet, it never strays into the ostentatious -- each piece is designed with intention and crafted with careful attention both to its aesthetics and machinations.

Strong Female Presence

Perhaps the shift to a more visible approach to ladies’ timepieces came as the daughters of both founders, Richard Mille and Dominique Guenat, joined the company in various capacities, with Cécile Guenat helming the creative direction of the ladies collection and Amanda Mille heading the client relations team.

Aside from that, the brand has famously partnered with prominent female celebrities like Hollywood actresses Michelle Yeoh, Natalie Portman and Margot Robbie, as well as female athletes like Ukranian olympian Yuliya Yevchenko, Belgian heptathlon record-holder Nafi Thiam and U.S. race car driver Aurora Straus, the only professional female race car driver in North America.


Aurora Straus wears the RM 07-01 in white ceramic with jasper and diamond-set dial; image from

Richard Mille understands what women want on their wrists, and with four new masterpieces debuted in the first quarter of 2021 alone, this luxury watch brand only urges women to want more.

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