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  • Panthére de Cartier
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Panthère de Cartier is an emblem. An inspiration that has been reinvented over time through graphic, sculptural, naturalist and abstract creations.

Panther savoir-faire, a creative and technical union

Design, gem mounting, paving, setting: all of these steps contribute to one objective, to reproduce the spirit of the animal.
The idea is not only to imitate nature but to also pay homage to it by breathing life into the animal’s personality.
The feeling of the panther’s vitality is the result of a close collaboration between the creative studios and workshops. Their constant exchanges extend throughout the production process: together, they defy the concepts of movement, beauty, inversion, place, ergonomics, volume, design, realism and elegance.


~ extracted from Cartier

Brand Cartier Material White Gold, Calf Leather
Model Panthère de Cartier Gemstones   Diamonds, Onyx, Emerald
Reference - Box Yes
Condition Pre-owned Paper   No
Size 18cm Retail Price S$200,000